Clone Your Best People

Praxio is Knowledge Management Software that trains your team, documents your processes, and makes cross-departmental communication a breeze…

so more work gets done FASTER!

Finally…one tool for every team.

Praxio makes it easy to convert ideas and “tribal knowledge” into checklists
and trainings your team will actually use

Like what you see? Find out how Praxio can help your team grow…

How It Works.....

Because we believe teams are at their best when knowledge is shared, with Praxio you can…


Train your Team

Praxio’s TRAINING tool allows managers and leaders to curate and compile best-in-class trainings.

Select from our marketplace of pre-made trainings, upload your own, or pull from sources such as YouTube and Wistia.

Start training and onboarding with Praxio, today!

Document Processes

Praxio’s CHECKLIST tool makes it fast and easy for teams to gather all their processes and SOPs in one place, so tribal knowledge can be documented and shared with new and existing team members.

Oh yeah, and the 30+ templates make Checklist-building a breeze!

Click here to check out some of our featured templates…

Communicate What Matters

Pulse is a new way to communicate with your team.

Unlike Slack messages that disappear in seconds, or company-wide emails that never get opened, Pulse allows you to communicate what matters…without getting lost in the “noise” of day-to-day business.

And thanks to the “Required Reading” feature, managers can know who has read the message, and who hasn’t. (Try doing that with email and Slack.) 🙂

Start communicating with Praxio, today!

Track Progress

Praxio’s reporting tools make it easy to track progress and completion rates, so you always know which teams and individuals are on track and hitting their goals, and which ones might need a little extra encouragement.

Try Praxio today, and get more visibility on your team’s learning and development!

Help all your managers get more work done faster.
Make it happen with Praxio.

Who Uses Praxio?

MANAGERS us because we speed team training and communication

HR PROS us because we automate new employee onboarding and development

SALES LEADERS us because we reduce Sales and Customer Success ramp times

TEAMS us because we aggregate all your trainings and checklists in one place


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